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  • Why we shouldn’t only be positive
    A colleague wrote to me today quoting a speaker at a recent conference he’d attended, who said that it was unhelpful to overburden people with […]
  • Living with the Climate Crisis: new course begins in spring 2024
    Concerned about the climate crisis? Live in Oxford? Join our new free ‘Living with the climate crisis’ group and find your contribution to climate action! […]
  • Living with the Climate Crisis
    Concerned about the climate crisis? Live in Oxford? Join our new free ‘Living with the Climate Crisis’ groups and find your contribution to climate action! […]
  • Climate cafés at the London Climate Action Week
    The forward-thinking London Climate Action Week has recognised the value of climate cafés. They are running every day this week. Book here (search for ‘climate […]
  • Talking with artists and climate scientists about climate feelings
    The University of Bergen is running an initiative they call the Art and Science Research Group, an innovative programme in which artists are paired with […]
  • Why we don’t talk about climate change, and what this can do to us at work
    I was on the Cimpatico Studios Climate Adaptation channel recently, talking about climate feelings at work with host Doug Parsons. It was the day our latest heatwave broke here in Oxford. You can watch some of my responses to Doug’s questions here.
  • What exactly is a climate café?
    Have you recently begun to worry about what is happening to our climate and what this might mean for you, and for your family and friends? Are you an activist or professional in the climate world, feeling the pain of climate grief or anxiety? A climate café is a simple, hospitable, empathetic space where anyone’s fears and uncertainties about our climate crisis can be safely expressed.
  • The emotional impact of climate change work
    What is it like working in organisations that engage the public on climate change? What are the dynamics that leaders experience? This is the focus of my doctoral research at the Tavistock Centre/University of Essex.