Rebecca Nestor

Support for those facing the climate crisis


Find support for facing the climate crisis. For example, learn to talk with friends and family about climate at one of our workshops. Or join a climate café: a simple, empathetic, hospitable space where people share their thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis. You can come to an open workshop or café. Or request one for your organisation.


Find support for facing the climate crisis through a supportive, challenging and confidential coaching relationship. Climate change is a ‘wicked problem.’ There are no simple answers and the work is emotionally demanding. So having someone to process ideas and feelings with is really important: it opens up your capacity to think and handle the challenges of the work.


Is your organisation facing up to the climate crisis? I can support you to build an organisational culture and working practices that release the energy you need for your purposes. You can trust me because along with ten years’ professional experience I have completed a demanding training in organisational consulting. This involved five years’ assessed study, reflective practice and supervision.